FBK – Sargent-at-Arms


He found a baby rabbit

He found a baby rabbit

We call him sergeant Jack bully. He draws a crowd everywhere he goes, everybody loves the big big dogs. he is a first born son to Fort Blues – Arm-n-Arms. Gottiline/certified/monster G on the moms side..  Jack is a lover boy, I have never seen any type of aggression from him. He has no interest in chasing a cat or a rabbit, they could live in perfect harmony. He has never even barked at another animal.

Fort blue –
Sargent at Arms

FB_IMG_1441669973262hight 23 inches at the withers

Weight 140 lbs





IMAG0591_1IMAG0590_1            jack5

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Pedigree of ” “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
Arm-n-Armsarms5  fort blue’s -Servo  able paws, greyline, candys
 Fort blue’s -Zoeie  A/A XX Chevy Red DogA/A Whopper
shadowshadow  heavy gotti line/graylines&blue good do good.
 Able paws , monster G, Certified, dela cruz 5150
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