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 most everything upfront in our pedigrees is our own Fort Blue dogs. All dogs on our yard and on this website were born at Fort Blue Kennels. We only put the very best of our productions back into the gene pool. We have been breeding our blood line long enough to know the positive and negative attributes of each of our dog’s genetic makeup. We only combine them in a way to weed out the negative while multiplying the positive. Temperament is at the most importance. We have no need for a massive size high strung or aggressive dog. In the past we have had dogs that were considered to be the best from their litter but their temperament did not fit in. Those dogs are chalked up as a loss and removed from ever being able to be put back into the gene pool. Leaving us with a long line of selectively bred dogs that naturally act right.

We have several breeding’s planned, some with our own studs. however, for the most part, we will currently be focusing on using some of the best outsourced studs from across the United States. The studs have been picked out and we are watching their productions. We will announce the names of these studs at a later time. Our philosophy is that there are way too many unwanted dogs being put down every day to justify bringing more dogs into this world that are not the very best breeding’s the United States has to offer. We search from Coast to Coast and spare no expense to find the very best studs this Country has to offer.


Fort Blue’s- Charlie (GRCH Caribou Lou x .50-Cal)


Fort Blues – Nato .556 ( Ch. Chics dig it x Ammo)- 2x grch Caribou Lou & .50-Cal

Fort blues – Charlie
GRCH Caribou Lou
x .50-Cal

Fort blues Charlie (Grand Champion Caribou Lou x .50- Cal)


Fort Blues NATO .556 ( Ch.Chics dig it x Ammo-(Grch Caribou Lou x .50-Cal)


Grand Champion
Caribou lou







Fort blues – .50-Cal


Abkc Ch. Chic’s dig it

Fort blues Ammo

Male 2

Male 3

Female 1

Female 2

👆the pups 4 grandparents on 2nd generation☝️

       ☝️Pictures above👆

Fort blue’s- Hail to Arms
– Charlie











3 males / 3 females  available… 806-544-9030

Lubbock TX…..  airport shipping available..

2x Grch Caribou Lou.. 2x .50-Cal..Ch. Chics dig it x Ammo…2 x Arm-n-Arms

👇this litter is a 6th Generation of our productions.👇



👇👇👇Breeding  2018👇👇👇

Shoe’s – Taz x fort blues – .50 – Cal















👇👇👇Ammo will be Bred 2018  stay tuned👇👇👇


⬇️⬇️⬇️Due  2018⬇️


⬇️⬇️⬇️Due  2018⬇️⬇️⬇️

Shoe’s-CryBaby x Fort blues-Armiee

Cry baby’s page click here

        Hail to Arms/aka- Armiee page click here


Pups pedigree click here


⬇️⬇️⬇️Due 2018⬇️⬇️⬇️

Fort blues -Sargent at Arms x Fort blues -Cammo

Pups pedigree click here

Sargent at Arms page click here

Cammo’s page click here

Cammo oFA
health test certified






picks will be made at 6 weeks old. Shipping (if needed) will be done at 8 weeks old.

We will send you pictures and videos and our personal opinion, if you want it,

to help you make your decision.

$500 deposit to reserve. Your remaining balance needs to be paid by the time the pups are 6 weeks old

Air shipping to your airport (at 8 weeks old)  is $400 within the United States.

Contact us for a international shipping quote.

we do offer complete refunds if for some reason we are unable to provide a pup from the litter you choose

Step 1 –  fill out our puppy inquiry application by clicking here

Then give us a call to discuss payment options 806-544-9030

…….BREEDINGS 2016……

Champion – Chic’s dig it  and  Ammo breeding

Ammo is daughter of Grand Champion Caribou Lou and 50-Cal. Scroll down for picture’s of her parents.

Ch. Chic’s dig it is the biggest tri color bully on the planet at 140 lbs

Ch. Chic and Ammo

Ch. Chic and Ammo



Ch. Chic's dig it

Ch. Chic’s dig it


Ch. Chic’s dig it


Be sure to like our facebook business page by clicking here.


we do offer complete refunds if for some reason we are unable to provide your pup.

We are located in Lubbock Texas

world wide air shipping available 

Matt mitchell -806-544-9030

$500 deposit to reserve, make paymen’s when you can . Pups need to be paid in full before 8 weeks old. Air shipping to your airport at 8 weeks old is $400. Pup will come with a puppy crate, a heavy duty custom fort blue collar Ukc and ABKC registration papers a vetinarian good health certificate and will have already received 2 puppy vaccinations and the normal recommended worming schedule for pups and mom before/during /after pregnancy 

please fill out the puppy inquiry application by clicking here

Upcoming breedings page click here


2015 breeding Fort blues – Sargent at Arm  X  Fort blues .50-Cal

( double bred pups .. 2x fort blues- Arm-n-Arms  grandsire)


fort blues-50-Cal

To make reservations please first fill out the puppy inquiry

application form on this website

then give us a call. 806 544 9030

$500 to reserve. payment plans accepted. Credit cards accepted. Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart payments accepted. Please have balance paid in full by the time pups are 8 weeks old.

Pups can be picked up in person at fort blue kennels in Lubbock Texas. Or, airline shipping is available for $400 within the United States will Include – Vetinary health certificate, puppy crate, all registration papers, and a extra large heavy duty custom fort blue collar.

At 8 weeks old Pups will have 2 vaccinations and no worms or parasites, guaranteed !!!

To visit Fort Blue Kennels in person we require a $50 paypal deposit that will be refunded upon your arrival. please follow the directions on the puppy inquiry page or set a appointment by clicking here – PUPPY INQUIRY



2014 breeding- Grand Champion Caribou Lou X .50-CaL


Grch Caribou lou

Grch Caribou lou


Me and lou


Grch Caribou lou

Grch Caribou lou

Grch Caribou lou

Grch Caribou lou

50-Cal and Lou

50-Cal and Lou

Grand champion Caribou lou

Grand champion Caribou lou



Fortblues-Arm-n-Arms x Fortblues- Zoeie



To inquire about a pup and please fill out the puppy inquiry form in the link below and give me a telephone call.


accepted payments

.50-CAL’s page click here

Puppy Inquiry click here

Pitpedia testmating pedigree Click here

More pictures on Facebook click here

matt mitchell- fort blue kennels – 806-544-9030



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