Upcoming breedings

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👇👇Fall 2017 breeding👇👇👇

Shoe’s – Taz x fort blues .50-Cal

Shoe’s – Taz

Fort blues – .50-Cal

Fort blues Sargent at Arms x Fort blues Cammo

Early 2018  breeding – give us a call to get on the waiting list..806-544-9030

Expecting alot of blue and champaign pups from this breeding. Due spring 2018


Click here for pedigree

Fbk- Sargent at Arms x Fbk- Cammo


Cammo’s health test certified

Shoe’s Cry baby x Fort blues Hail to Arms

Spring 2018 breeding

              Crybaby is 2x Ch. Chics dig it/

     “Armiee” (hail to Arms) is off of our boy fbk Sargent at Arms and fbk .50-Cal …..2x fbk Arm-n-Arms

Pedigree click here
























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